Farm biodiversity in Peru

Oct 27, 22
These intelligent eco-networks only work if the whole system including birds, insects, squirrels, plants, and fungi are part of it. Managing a farm in this natural way (without using chemicals, pesticides, herbicides) requires great knowledge and experience of all natural interactions. Something that is passed on for generations.
Sep 14, 22
How Pure Kakaw started 5 years ago

Looking back, we see a big change of people becoming more familiar with traditional cacao drinks. More and more people care about knowing the source of their cacao products, and choose a quality product that supports the people and nature connected to it.

Aug 08, 22
Spice up your creativity with cacao

Creativity is a big part of our lives and we experiment with different ways to nourish it, channel it, and express it. In our creative sessions we fell in love with the effect of cacao. It supports our creative flow with focus and a positive mindset.

Feb 27, 22
Alta Verapaz - The people behind your cacao from Guatemala

A farm and preparing cacao is a lot of work and this needs many skilled people in the whole process. The hard work on the land is done by men. The more delicate work of processing the cacao is done by the women. We are very happy to share about the people who make this possible and to put them in the spotlight.

Jan 31, 22
Language from the heart - NVC

Listening and talking from the heart is not always easy, but worth practicing. It also helps being true to ourselves and support us in living from the heart in general. Four simple steps can truly enrich your life and the lives of others.

Dec 05, 21
Gratefulness ritual with Beronica

This ritual was powerful because of its simplicity. It goes straight to the core of all virtues: gratefulness. Taking a moment to stand still, become aware of the gifts we receive and sharing space and time to connect with each other about this. It was a very special way to end our last day together.

Nov 29, 21
Beronica, maestra de cacao

Beronica is a real cacao warrior. She learned working with cacao and the dynamics of growing food from her grandmother (abuela) from a young age. She now applies all this knowledge to create a beautiful product and care for the lush farm. Giving to the land from love and being grateful to what the land gives back.