Pumpkin Spice Cacao Latte

Oct 20, 21
A heart-warming drink inspired by autumn. We always like to play around with recipes and explore new combinations. This is a nice one to take your time and create something unique.
Oct 15, 21
Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

The most important element for a ceremonial elixer is the quality of the cacao. The preparation is not so complicated, giving you enough space to create with your intention and enjoy the medicine of the heart.

Oct 12, 21
Cacao Drink

Traditionally cacao is prepared on water base. The word chocolate stems from the Aztec word 'chocolatl' which literally means bitter water or bitter drink. With good quality cacao it's not so bitter actually. This is one of the our most prepared recipes.

Oct 11, 21
Cacao Shot

This recipe is great if you enjoy the kick of an espresso. You can play with the cacao to water ratio for the thickness. It's great with a pinch of chili. A nice alternative is with maple syrup and spices which is a culinary treat to serve during a diner with friends.

Oct 09, 21
Masala Chaï Cacao

It is a piece of a culture on its own, just like cacao is in another part of the world. Being dedicated fans to both, we like to share this delicious recipe. The taste is so good and we enjoy the process of making it. ♡

Oct 08, 21
Medicinal Mushroom Cacao
To get the benefits from functional mushrooms your body needs to be able to absorb its nutrients. To do so it can be extracted by boiling in water and making your own medicinal tea. You can use this tea to make your cacao with. Cacao helps your body to absorb it even better.
Oct 07, 21
Golden Cacao Milk

One of world's most magnificent drinks from India is called Golden Milk. And for a good reason as it is gold coloured from the turmeric, full of taste, warm and can be a vegan milky option. Cacao gives it an even deeper, healthy and happier effect.